About us

Who are we ?

TEHTRI-Security is a French company founded in 2010, specialized in cutting-edge IT security technologies. Our consultants know, understand and master the techniques and methods of attackers: hackers, business intelligence, computer warfare, etc, as well as the resources needed to counter the current threats.

The team at TEHTRI-Security has more than 15 years of experience in sensitive environments or crisis situations worldwide. We can therefore ensure efficiency, discretion, trust and above all confidentiality, for all the specific requirements or standards of your protection.

Management Team:

Some facts

We regularly work with trainees coming from high schools.

Sometimes, we also organize hacking challenges where you can meet our consultants during amazing technical games, and where you can show and improve your skills.

If you have the spirit and the motivation (practical knowledges, etc), we'll definitely meet.

Industrial world (Scada/ICS...)

Telecommunications companies (Phones, Infrastructures...)

Banking environments

Business world

Governments, etc.

We shared our knowledge at many IT Security events. Tiny list:

North America: Cansecwest (Canada/Vancouver), Black Hat USA (USA/Las Vegas and Washington DC), Defcon (USA/Las Vegas), HOPE (USA/New York), Honeynet Project (USA/Chicago)

Europe: HITB (NL/Amsterdam), Black Hat Europe (NL/Amsterdam), Hack.LU (Luxembourg), PH-Neutral (DE/Berlin), FOSDEM (BE/Bruxelles)

Asia: HITB (Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur), SyScan (Singapore), SyScan (China/Hangzhou), Black Hat Asia (Singapore), Pacsec (Japan/Tokyo)

What do we do?

Advanced Consulting

Assistance for countries, large organisations and small-medium sized companies: information leaks, protection and counterintelligence.

Technical Consulting

Audits and Intrusion tests (Pentests), Incident Management, Security Monitoring and specific actions.

0days and vulnerabilities

Many 0days found in devices and applications such as: iPhone, iPad, MacOSX, BlackBerry, McAfee MDM, Cisco, Gmail, Facebook, etc.


Our consultants speak Chinese, Arabic, English and French. They can join you in case you need local assistance.


IT Security trainings given in North America, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Europe with students from government agencies, TOP500 companies, etc: currently, we do not propose basic trainings. We only focus on advanced threats and protections.

Worldwide operations

Our products and services are currently used 24/24 7/7 365/365 in South America, North America, Asia, Europe.

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